Sudip Chakraborty

Sudip Chakraborty, a polymathic artist and TEDx speaker from New Delhi, expertly intertwines Kathak, theatre, and contemporary dance, nurturing emerging talents through his Nirvana Arts Foundation.

Dance theatre productions

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Out, Damned Spot

Out, Damned Spot is a solo dance-theatre production of Shakespearean drama Macbeth infused with the grace of Kathak.
Echoes of Narciss-Us

Echoes of Narciss-Us

Dance theatre production 'Echoes of Narciss-Us' premiered on 26th of June 2024 at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.


Production explores the deep alleys of human consciousness, the very nature of human beings and their possible path to salvation.

What our students say about Nirvana Arts Foundation

Sudip sir's detailed instruction in Kathak is invaluable. His expertise as both an experienced teacher and prominent dancer enriches my journey in dance. Grateful for his mentorship.
Geeta Medhi
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Katy Lawrence
I am learning Kathak from Sudip Sir and I could not have asked for a better guru. He is extremely talented at teaching and communicating. I have never felt that I am learning online. I am glad to have a guru like him.
James Doe
Excellent teaching and professional nurturing. I love the classes taken by Sudip chakraborthy sir🙏🙏🙏👏 . Proud to be student of his.
Mia Robertson
Sudip Chakraborty

Sudip Chakraborty

Sudip Chakraborty is a lauded Kathak maestro, theatre luminary, literati, raconteur, and TEDx luminary based in New Delhi. His artistry has enchanted audiences across Europe, England, and the US, where he has also led workshops and masterclasses. In 2017, he founded ‘The Nirvana Arts Foundation’ in New Delhi, a bastion for fostering burgeoning talents in Kathak and Contemporary Dance-Theatre. His magnum opuses, such as “Out Damned Spot!”, “Unprecedented”, “Besotted”, “Sharira”, and “The Blue God In Varied Manifestations,” have earned critical acclaim and international accolades.

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